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His origin is unknown really,only he knows it.He came from evil death core of Ironossious.Deathapokalypse-Killer-rex is his long,lost brother.His skin was chemicly changed when he was very young.By Deathapokalypse-Killer-rex.This drastic and epic change caused him to be banished to the surface of Ironossious.Even though he is now a hero a spot for evil exists in his heart.





Official Catchphrase:"King me sucka!"


Role:Main Protagonist




He has a clone version,Cheskerd-rex,that once almost killed him,but he finally came through and joined the team.Cheskerd-rex is a clone created by Deathapokalypse-Killer-rex.He was made from the power of the Darkness chaos gem.


Another enemy,known as Metal-Rex is the complete counter-part of Checkers-rex.He was created by Deathapokalypse-Killer-rex too and was constructed to be as powerful as Checkers-rex.He is powered by a special Chaos gem,the death chaos gem.


Deathokalypse was a experiment gone wrong.Scientists were trying to bring a pure T-rex back to life but a retarded gaming idiot thought it was a game and corrupted the T-rex.


But the ultimate villian is not an experiment........The ultimate villain is actually our hero's long lost brother,Deathapokalypse-Killer-rex.Even though they look like different species,they are the same on the inside.

Friends Edit

His friends include Cheskerd-rex,Stripey-saurus,Hearted-rex,etc.


Other friends include old enemies like Metal-rex,in a snake-like form and Death,one of Deathokalypse's three heads,in a single form.Death had survived The Explosion Of Destruction after Checkers-rex blew up Deathokalypse.

Powers Edit

His metallic parts hold special powers like Flame Blast and Poison ivy whip from his mecha hand.Ice,lightning,and poison bite and breath.His tail consists of the smashing power of about 5 tsunamis which consists water.His mecha foot can kick light pellets that slowly damage the opponent.(WARNING!This affect does not affect Deathapokalypse-Hell-Killer)But his final special power is the "Dark-Destroy-Lazor"From his mouth.Every power is based on the 8 chaos gems.

Metals Edit

He has a metallic hand,robotic tail(Just the end of the tail),metal foot,and a robot mouth.The leg has metal piercing metal on the claws.(look at pic)His hand has two forms.Laser version and battle version.The battle version does not show but it's claws are huge and tear through steel.


  • His early version's hair looked like Sonic's
  • His front horn was from Drago's from the Bakugan series
  • Until later his horns now look like Spyro's from the legend of Spyro series without the colors
  • His voice sounds robotic with a mix of a normal voice
  • Due to being half cyborg he can imitate any accent and voice
  • The cyborgonical parts is probably a reference to Cyborg's from the Teen Titans show.